We started Kennedy Parker because
we love shoes

We love craftsmanship, quality leather,
and how great it feels when your shoes perfect your look



Kennedy Parker is a collaboration between two people that love shoes.  Not just any shoes, but beautifully designed and properly made shoes. Shoes that fit and shoes that are comfortable to wear.  We are passionate about craftsmanship, quality leather, components and making shoes that will last a lifetime.

On a trip to India, we discovered a well-kept secret in a factory that was skilled in making proper Goodyear welted English style men’s dress shoes.  They were not only skilled in making shoes but had a passion and attention to detail we had not seen before.  They fully understood the intricacies and need for quality componentry to bring to life beautiful, proper made shoes.  We were so impressed with the people, their passion and the superior quality, Kennedy Parker was born.

Our background is shoe design and manufacturing, so we fully understand what it takes to make a proper shoe.  Traditionally, proper made men’s shoes are expensive and not within the reach of most.  Our aim is to provide proper made shoes direct from the factory to you at affordable prices.  We believe in a move away from throw-away fashion, toward quality shoes that last. 

We only sell shoes we’re passionate about and we’ll only sell footwear worth raving about. We believe in the fit, comfort and design we’re offering you and we get so excited when you tell us you love your Kennedy Parker shoes.