• Classic, but now - the Loafer is the star of the show

    The Loafer is having its moment. New to the slip on shoe game? Read on to get schooled on how to bring the loafer into your wardrobe and where this classic came from.

  • The Brogue. Wear a piece of history.

    Brogues bring style and a story to streetwear. Generations of ‘cool’ coming through after decades of history. We unpack this classic cut and help you style it like a pro.
  • THANKS - a word from our Founder ❤️

    For those who haven't met me, I'm Jayne-Anne, owner and creator of Kennedy Parker. At December 19 it's one month since our first physical store opened and it's been a really great experience, I'm so glad to have done it. As you can imagine, there's no guarantee that opening a store in these unc...