THANKS - a word from our Founder ❤️

For those who haven't met me, I'm Jayne-Anne, owner and creator of Kennedy Parker. At December 19 it's one month since our first physical store opened and it's been a really great experience, I'm so glad to have done it. As you can imagine, there's no guarantee that opening a store in these uncertain times is going to work, and I'll confess to a few disturbed sleeps as I embarked on this new adventure!

But I'd like to say an absolutely massive thank you to you, my customers and friends, who have visited my shop or website, tried and bought shoes, signed up for email, shared their experience on socials, and left reviews on my website. I really love what I do and it thrills me to see a happy customer wearing a quality product that makes them feel great.

So, a genuine and heartfelt thank you to YOU for supporting my business.
I'm so grateful  🙏

If you're wondering how it came about that I should be designing and selling men's shoes, you can find my bio here.

Merry Christmas,

Jayne-Anne xx