Full grain, nubuck, suede....what's the difference?

Each of these finishes is the result of a different process and gives each leather a unique look, feel and wear result. 

Full Grain

Full grain leather has a smooth finish and can be matte, right through to a really shiny finish. It's the top part of the hide, just beneath where the hair was. Often leathers are sanded or buffed to cover blemished or marked leather, but our full grain leathers are high quality and specially tanned to retain as much natural patina as possible. With care, this leather will last and become more comfortable with time.


This is the underside, and sometimes the inside of the hide if it's been split. The grain in the hide creates a furry finish, called the 'nap'. Suede is soft and breathable and when cared for correctly, suede shoes are suitable all year round.


This is full grain leather that has been lightly sanded to create a beautiful soft finish. Because it's made from the outer hide, it is surprisingly hardy and with care will retain its deep velvety finish with years of wear.

None of these leathers are better than others, they all perform and are all beautiful. Caring for leather with regular treatment is key to maintaining your leather shoes, head to our Shoe Care page for products we stand by.

Our Hides

Our hides are imported from Italy and tanned in India. Our Indian tannery has been operating since 1996, serving reputable fashion shoe brands around the world.

Their environmental practices and water management systems prevent effluent flow into local water sources. The tannery has its own waste water treatment plant and water clarifying plant, with an additional external supplier treating effluent. They also have their own chrome recovery plant and chemical management processes. Tanning requires a lot of water, and the tannery has a rainwater catchment system to collect a percentage of its own water.

Their quality and chemical management systems meet REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) quality management standards, as well as various quality assurance certifications required by customers from various countries.

The Indian Government has taken a stronger stance in recent years on environmental matters and we only use tanneries that comply with stringent new environmental regulations.