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Kennedy Parker leather shoes are made from quality European hides and proper care will help them last longer. This spray provides water repellant properties and soil release agents to protect suede and nubuck leather.

Apply before first wear and re-apply regularly to maintain protection. Best used in conjunction with the Kennedy Parker Suede Brush to refresh the leather fibres (the 'nap') and remove marks before reapplying protective spray.


Contents: 100ml
Use: Protector for suede and nubuck leather
Ingredients: Fluropolymer water and stain protectant
Works with: Kennedy Parker Suede Brush


Instructions: Apply before first wear. Shake. Hold the spray 250mm from the leather and spray until wet. Allow to dry thoroughly. Spray may slightly deepen the colour but will enable the leather to be cleaned more easily and resist stains.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

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